Waste My Time

We have another original song, and MANY MORE in the works. This one was written by the one and only David Neilsen, it’s called “Waste my Time.” Come to our next show and you’ll be sure to hear this great NEW punk tune!

Mark 3 “Gunfire”

Hey guys, it’s Will! I’m excited to talk about our new song Gunfire. It’s our second original! We wanted to channel some older classic hard rock vibes, and the main recurring riff throughout the song was written on accident. Go check it out, we have some clips posted on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve got tons of other originals in the hopper being worked on to be released soon. We’re going to start recording soon, so when we post recordings make sure to share them to all your friends!

First Original Song

Hey guys, it’s Will here. I’m excited to announce that Mark 3’s first original song “Breakout” is officially debuting publicly at the Oroville State Theatre March 24, in Oroville’s talent show. We’re performing in the show as special guests, and will be debuting “‘Breakout” there. Soon we’ll go into the studio to record it. Get ready because more songs are in the works. We’ll have our first album in no time.